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Hiring a full-time position
Position: Translation of Spanish or English translation/management/construction construction professional words
Skills requirements: Spanish, English interpreting, architectural Spanish, English translation, patent Spanish translation, Western language translation, accompanied by Western translation
Job information:
1. Foreign language (English, Spanish) related majors;
2, with Spanish verbal and written translation skills, business sense and management awareness;
3, has a strong enterprising spirit and team spirit, strong sense of responsibility, good character, can withstand the pressure of work;
5, able to operate office software.
6. Translation of professional words such as engineering buildings
Position: Project Manager. Engineering class will be preferred
Skills requirements: engineering management, construction, hydraulics, project management, more than three years of work experience
Job information
First, actively go deep into the construction site, understand the construction dynamics, and be responsible for solving major technical and quality problems that arise during construction. Weekly and monthly construction schedule; technical responsibility for the construction quality of the project (product).
2. Responsible for presiding over the construction organization design, quality plan, construction plan, new technology, new technology, implementation plan of new materials, technical measures and operation documents of the project, and approved according to authority.
3. Responsible for presiding over the decomposition of the project's quality objectives and objectives, assisting the project manager in implementing the target responsibility body, and establishing and improving the project intelligence department and construction quality responsibility system implementation rules.
4. Supervise and inspect the construction organization design of the project, the implementation of the project quality plan, and master the analysis of the quality of the project. When the quality fluctuates, the relevant departments should be advised to correct the measures and urge the implementation.
5. Instruct the relevant departments to correctly use the regulations, norms, standards and guide the construction unit to construct according to its regulations.
6. In accordance with the subcontract, supervise and inspect the construction organization design and quality assurance measures of the subcontractor.
Have hydraulic experience is preferred
Position: Project Manager
Job information 
1. The duties stipulated in the project management target responsibility book;
2. Preside over the preparation of project management implementation plan and systematic management of project objectives;
3. Dynamic management of resources;
4. Establish various professional management systems and organize implementation;
5. Assign interest distribution within the scope of authorization;
6. Collect engineering materials, prepare settlement materials, and participate in project completion acceptance;
7. Accept the audit and deal with the aftermath of the dismantling of the project manager;
8. Assist in organizing the inspection, appraisal and evaluation of the project.
Position: Hydraulic Surveyor
Job information 
Proficiency in the use of construction equipment, skilled operation of CAD software. Responsible for assisting on-site project construction and management, and other senior leadership arrangements, with relevant work experience, able to work hard, loyal and dedicated, active and willing, open-minded learning.
Position: Budget Officer (Hydraulic, Municipal)
Job information 
1. Engaged in internal audit of project cost, familiar with port and waterway, thermal power, wind power, municipal, road and bridge project management and cost control processes, familiar with bidding and contract related laws and regulations;
2. Familiar with the above pricing quota and engineering quantity list pricing specifications, and be able to independently compile bidding budgets for large port and navigation projects, municipal, road and bridge, thermal power, and real estate projects;
3. Prepare bidding documents, supervise, control, and review project negotiation and visa changes;
4. Review the whole process of bidding and bidding, and participate in the business negotiation.
5. Complete other tasks as explained by the department manager and the in charge of the leadership.
1. Engineering cost, project management, water conservancy and hydropower engineering, port and coastal engineering, municipal, road and bridge, tunnel and culvert, intelligent control system and other related majors, bachelor degree or above, professional excellence, high comprehensive quality, team spirit, good Communication and coordination skills;
2. More than 2 years working experience in project cost or budget, assistant engineer, cost engineer and above;
3. Proficient in the whole process of project management budget, bidding, etc., with strong business ability;
4, skilled use of Guanglida and other computer software and computer office software, holding cost engineers witness is preferred;
5, good organizational communication skills, contract management capabilities, better driver's license.
6, the experienced experience of the conditions are preferred. (If you are interested, you can submit your resume or call directly)
Specific work location: Dalian or Weihai (depending on the project)
Company welfare
Five insurance and one gold performance bonus package eating packaged communication aid meal supplement transportation subsidy
Interested parties can call: 0 5 3 2 -8 7 8 8 0 0 3 3
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