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Warmly congratulate the "Runde" sailing through the wind and waves!2022-10-20
Warm congratulations - the signing ceremony was a complete success!2022-08-03
The press conference to celebrate the signing of the Ecuador dredging project was successfully held2022-05-17
Tianrun Group won the bid for Ecuador dredging project2022-02-28
Tianrun Group held a video conference on epidemic prevention and control2022-01-18
Tianrun Group held a meeting on the rectification of potential safety hazards2021-11-21
Tianrun Group to pay tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party2021-07-03
Lubei Chemical Group Co., Ltd. va visitar Qingdao Tianrun Group Co., Ltd. per inspeccionar i intercanviar treballs2020-08-15
Yulong Copper Mine opens "green transportation" mode, pure electric minecars demonstrate "environmental protection"2020-05-20
Big ship shows "magic skills"2020-04-25
Dongying Guangrao: The Dongying section of the Xiaoqinghe Renaissance Project plays a major “progress” in the spring2020-04-18
The Guangrao Section of the Fourth Standard of the Xiaoqinghe Resumption Project launched a comprehensive channel dredging2020-04-09
Tianrun group chairman Qiao Jianshe led a team to Ecuador manavi province2019-11-17
Weifang Zhonghuan Biomass Cogeneration Project Planning2019-10-23
Mr. Yao and Mr. Zhao, Chairman of Zhongnong Lvneng Technology Group, went to Tianrun Group Headquarters to conduct research on high-density biomass power generation project.2019-10-09
Leaders of the group visited the construction site of various projects2019-08-19
Tianrun Group Directors went to Ecuador to conduct work research2019-08-10
Qingdao Tianrun Group Co., Ltd. held a safety production work conference in the conference room of Qingdao headquarters2019-03-29
Company leaders went to Ocean University to carry out school-enterprise cooperation activities2018-12-05
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