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Quality and Safety are the "bottom line" of engineering Construction
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Quality and safety are the "bottom line" of engineering construction. Quality and safety complement each other and unify each other. Quality is an important guarantee of safety, and safety is the basic embodiment of quality. In the process of accelerating the high quality development of construction industry, we must strive for survival by quality and development by safety.
Improve the quality assurance system
Project quality concerns the safety of people's life and property and is the foundation of the development of the construction industry. At the beginning of the founding of new China, project quality supervision and management adopted a quality inspection system of self-management and self-restraint by enterprises. In 1984, the construction quality supervision and management mode was reformed, forming a quality control system of "self-inspection by construction units, sampling inspection by construction units and government supervision". In 1993, "Construction Project Quality Management Measures" issued, the breadth and depth of the state project quality supervision can be expanded, the implementation of "verification system".
The promulgation of the Construction Law of the People's Republic of China, the Regulations on the Quality Management of Construction Projects, and the Regulations on the Management of survey and Design of construction projects laid the legal foundation for the quality management of construction projects in China. Construction project quality from grade inspection system to completion acceptance record system, further clarify the responsibility of supervision and subject responsibility.
We will develop new ways of oversight and improve its effectiveness
As the countdown to the 14th National Games begins, construction sites in Xi 'an, Shaanxi Province are busy with cranes and machines.
"We have come up with our best skills to ensure the quality and safety of the project." Xi 'an city housing and urban-rural development Bureau director Miao Baoming said. 2021 is the year of "Full transport". Since this year, Xi 'an Urban construction projects have a large volume and a tight schedule. Xi 'an Housing and Urban-Rural Development Bureau has taken great responsibility to make every urban construction project into a high-quality project that people are satisfied with and deliver an excellent answer to the public.
Change from quality to wisdom
At present, the construction industry faces many challenges, such as increasing pressure of labor shortage, huge consumption of energy resources, low content of engineering science and technology, and failure to fully integrate with the internationalization. Technological innovation plays an important role in addressing these challenges.
Luan Decheng, president of Beijing Construction Industry Federation, said that the development of informatization, digitalization and integration has gradually integrated the whole industry chain of construction industry design, construction and maintenance into an intelligent construction system. This system greatly improves the quality and efficiency of the development of the construction industry, and improves the reliability of safety work. Luan Decheng frankly, compared with advanced manufacturing, construction production is relatively extensive. In order to achieve lean construction, the construction industry also needs a set of feasible and advanced management methods in line with the development law of the construction industry, and constantly strengthen the construction of industrial workers, carry forward the "craftsman spirit", and finally achieve high-quality development.
In recent years, China's engineering quality work system has been constantly improved, and in the course of exploration and practice, it has blazed a path of continuous reform and innovation. With the rapid development of construction safety production technology, under the strong support of new materials, new equipment and new technology, engineering construction is taking quality and efficiency as the center, to the green, industrialized and intelligent degree of new construction way.
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