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Mr. Yao and Mr. Zhao, Chairman of Zhongnong Lvneng Technology Group, went to Tianrun Group Headquarters to conduct research on high-density biomass power generation project.
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On October 17, 2019, Mr. Yao and Mr. Zhao, the chairman of Zhongnong Lvneng Technology Group Co., Ltd., went to Tianrun Group's headquarters, Qiao Jianshe, chairman of Tianrun Group, to conduct research on the high-density biomass power generation project. Mr. Yao and his party listened to the report on the overall planning and progress of the project, and inquired in detail about the project construction scale and investment efficiency.
      Mr. Yao pointed out that the high-density biomass power generation project has a unique geographic location advantage and is a green environmental protection project with excellent development prospects. The project belongs to the joint venture project of both parties. It is necessary to adhere to the concept of “ecological priority, green development” and make full use of local straw resources. At the same time, the project should grab favorable construction conditions, carefully organize, rationally dispatch and scientifically construct, and ensure the construction safety and quality. According to the requirements of modernization, intelligence and standardization, the high-density biomass power generation project will be built into Shandong Province. The material power generation benchmark project will strive to start construction at the end of the year, accelerate the construction of new energy in Shandong Province, and help the economic and social development of Weifang and Gaomi.
      Qiao Lei, general manager of Tianrun Group, senior general manager Jin Kaiyun, deputy general manager Liu Yunting and relevant project leaders attended the research activities.

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